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Aruba's center of excellence for research, development and innovation on Cloud Native technologies and open source projects, with a particular focus on Kubernetes.

Why Kubernetes?

We embrace Kubernetes as a critical tool to meet the ever-changing needs of enterprises and offer future-proof solutions.

Kubernetes enables users to deploy applications in an easy and scalable way through container management, regardless of the operating system. It allows for the best workload balancing, facilitates the orchestration of applications and services across multiple containers, and ensures the highest level of scalability and integrity over time.

The strenghts of kubernetes

Cloud native

No lock-in


Reduced time to market

ArubaKube & LIQO, cloud continuum made real

ArubaKube is the main contributor to LIQO, an open source project enabling you to create a virtual infrastructure that aggregates resources and services from different Kubernetes clusters even from multiple cloud service providers.

Six reasons to choose LIQO

LIQO is designed for medium to large organizations that own multiple clusters and have a need for centralized Kubernetes orchestration.

Multicloud approach
Avoid vendor lock-in. We support any cloud provider: on-premises, hyperscaler and regional.
Seamless continuum
With a unique virtual service continuum, you don’t have to worry about infrastructure details.
Unparalleled user experience
Benefit from UX that’s so transparent, you won’t even notice you’re using LIQO!
Fast, automated set-up
Automate and simplify set-up and management through our network, storage, and service fabric
Compatible with the Kubernetes native API
Move seamlessly between single-cluster and multi-cluster topologies.
Ease of interaction with LIQO CTL
Use a handy CLI tool to interface with LIQO

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